Oliver Trost, Managing Director EuroTransportMedia Verlags- und Veranstaltungs- GmbH

We are happy to support the DocStop initiative as a media partner. With our magazines FERNFAHRER, lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell and our online presence eurotransport.de, on Facebook and with our smartphone apps FERNFAHRER Autohöfe and FERNFAHRER Reporter, we are always there for the professional driver. With numerous tricks and tips, we have been accompanying this professional group for many years, and offering them life support in almost all situations is more than just a duty for us.

DocStop, the system for medical en-route care for truck drivers, has been active for almost ten years now. The idea is gaining more and more ground. And politicians are also realising how important DocStop's work is.

Anyone who is on the road a lot knows what it means to quickly seek medical advice on the motorway. As a rule, this is not possible at all. Thanks to DocStop, drivers can now find help almost anywhere. And we want to help expand the network further. We are happy to report on the DocStop activities, on the many small and big successes, on the further steps. We hope that many more petrol stations and service stations as well as car parks will jump on board and offer their support to long-distance drivers, one of the most important links in the logistics chain, in case of an emergency. And all transport companies are also called upon to support DocStop in the interest of their own drivers. Because only a healthy driver is a good driver.