SaniStop - the hygiene campaign of DocStop

These days a lot is written and spoken about personal hygiene, especially about regular hand washing. But truck drivers who are currently doing their best to keep the country's supply chains running often have no access to the most basic hygiene measures on the road.

Drivers report that truck stops are closing not only catering facilities, but also sanitation facilities. Some shipping companies also seem to refuse drivers access to sanitary facilities.

DocStop has launched the SaniStop campaign to give truck drivers access to clean toilets and showers, also and especially in times of Corona.
Transport companies, shippers and other companies are providing truck parking spaces with access to toilets and showers - so that drivers on the road do not have to do without everyday conveniences. Hauliers and other companies who would like to open their sanitary facilities for drivers should contact, stating the address of the car park.

DocStop thanks all companies that support the SaniStop campaign on behalf of all drivers.

In the map you will find all currently available locations with parking spaces and sanitary facilities for truck drivers. The number of locations is growing daily!

By clicking on the respective location, the route can be calculated and displayed in Google Maps.

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