Heinz-Werner Lenz, Truck Race Driver

The health problems of truck drivers are known only to a few people and the men and women in the trucks often drive along the concrete ribbons of our motorways with severe complaints and cannot go to the doctor. As a three-time European champion and runner-up in truck racing, I am not only familiar with trucks in racing; I also know precisely the stress and problems faced by professional drivers in their day-to-day business.

With DocStop the drivers have for the first time been given a useful instrument with which to improve their health problems. The chances of being involved in a road traffic accident with serious consequences when you're not 100% fit are lowered several times over if, where necessary, you visit one of the doctor's surgeries offered by DocStop. The timeframes for treatment are very well tailored to the drivers' continuous shortage of time.

I'll be glad to help the initiative implement its goals where possible. And now my appeal to the drivers: if you have health problems, use this opportunity that is being offered and go to one of the doctors or hospitals that support DocStop. There are now 150 of them all over Germany.