Jörg Mannsperger, Chairman of DEKRA SE / DocStop patron

The vehicle is not the only thing in the spotlight where road safety is concerned. People and their behaviour behind the steering wheel are also major influencing factors. Apart from safe equipment, one of the bases for the avoidance of accidents is qualified training and advanced training of drivers. DEKRA also sets standards in this area.

When it comes to further reducing road traffic accidents, one should use all possible points of attack. That's why I welcome the initiative of the DocStop association to establish a medical information and care network for professional drivers across Europe. In Germany alone there are already more than 300 doctor's surgeries and hospitals offering help within the framework of DocStop.

It is only natural for DEKRA to support this project and to help push the further expansion of DocStop's services in Germany and abroad. All road users benefit from DocStop if it is possible to prevent road traffic accidents, some of them serious, that occur due to drivers taking their own medicine or driving with health problems.