Dirk Fröhlich, Managing Director ADAC Truck Service

"The most important thing is not to leave the driver alone."

This quote comes from Petra Schmid. She is a service agent at ADAC Truckservice in Laichingen and speaks every day with drivers who need help when they have a breakdown on the road.

Professional drivers drive for all of us. Without much fuss, they do their job professionally, they safeguard our way of life and rarely get the respect they deserve for it.

That is why it is important not only to talk about respect, but to actively improve the framework conditions for professional drivers in their daily working environment. In addition to the glaring lack of parking spaces, medical care for drivers on the road is one of the major tasks that need to be solved in view of the predicted increase in road freight traffic.

We support the DocStop initiative because all of us at ADAC Truckservice share the opinion of our colleague Petra Schmid: The most important thing is not to leave the driver alone. Furthermore, we are firmly convinced that a strong network is the beginning of every improvement. One person alone can do little, many can make a difference.

DocStop has impressively shown how to build up a network for medical care for professional drivers throughout Europe with voluntary commitment, thus offering safety and help when it comes to the most important commodity of all: health.