Christian Kellner, Chief Executive Officer of the German Road Safety Council

For the German Road Safety Council reg. assoc. as the coordinator of road safety work in Germany, the DocStop project is making an important contribution towards improving road safety. That's why we support it.

In 2007 a total of 12,315 occupants of goods vehicles were involved in accidents on German roads. 215 of them died.

Present studies show that behavioural factors such as tiredness and distraction of the driver play a decisive role in serious truck accidents: almost every third accident occurs as a consequence of tiredness and/or distraction. And naturally it can also be dangerous if the driver behind the wheel feels unwell or is even seriously ill.

In DocStop there is now a European preventive measure that makes it possible to visit a doctor even during the weekly working time away from his company's location. The initiative increases awareness of the fact that sick truck and bus drivers are a danger to themselves and to their environment.

We are delighted that more and more doctors and truck stops are joining this important initiative. The goal is to achieve the most complete medical care possible for professional drivers throughout Europe.

Our thanks go to the two initiators, Rainer Bernickel and the MEP Dr. Dieter-L. Koch, for their dedicated campaigning at European level for the expansion of the care network.

DocStop is a valuable preventive measure for protection against road traffic accidents and a very good supplement to our offering for professional drivers, which includes safety training and programmes as well as public relations work.

We wish the "DocStop" project every success and all drivers on the move good health and a safe journey at all times!