Mogens Therkelsen, Chairman of International Transport Danmark (ITD)

For many drivers, their work on the road means that they have neither the necessary time nor the opportunity to visit their doctor on workdays. There is a risk here of the drivers either ignoring or playing down acute symptoms or illnesses or even attempting to cure themselves with non-prescription medicines – the goods have to be shipped! Far away from home there is no-one else who can take over at the steering wheel. This is in the meantime not without dangerous moments. If the driver is weakened by sickness, pain or medicine, it can impair his ability to drive his vehicle responsibly.

Through the DocStop initiative a big, important step has been taken towards making the roads safer and, in particular, to improving the drivers' well-being and working conditions. DocStop makes fast medical assistance possible and thus means not only increased safety for the drivers, but also for their families and employers when they are far from home.

The International Transport Danmark Association (ITD) supports DocStop and hopes that this good initiative will be expanded beyond Germany's borders in the near future.

On behalf of ITD I should like to offer my great thanks to the initiators Dr. Dieter Koch (MEP) and Mr Rainer Bernickel (PHK) for making such a big and energetic effort in setting up and broadening DocStop. It is an absolutely useful and relevant initiative that will benefit safety on our roads.