Sabine Kudzielka, Chief Executive Officer of the BG Verkehr (Employers's Accident Insurance Association for the Transport Industry)

We very much welcome the DocStop initiative, because in our daily work we know how important the drivers' health is for safe, accident-free driving.

For many working people it is a straightforward matter to visit the doctor in case of health problems. Visiting a doctor is much more difficult for professional drivers, who are often on the road for days on end. The risk of an accident increases as a result of driving despite being ill or driving with one's own medication.

Our employer's accident insurance association records 60,000 notifiable accidents every year. We note particularly serious consequences in the case of accidents that take place in road traffic. Therefore, we can only support DocStop's goal of achieving border-spanning medical care on the road for professional drivers. It is most valuable for the health of the people we insure and will further increase road safety for the drivers and all other road users.