René Steinke, actor

Hearty congratulations to the "makers" of the initiative DocStop for Europeans for the innovative idea of initiating a medical care network for drivers in the transport business. They used to be the "captains of the road"; nowadays they are frivolously pushed by the public into a social no-man's land. When one considers that over 73 percent of our consumer goods reach us via transport by truck, this reaction from the population is very negative towards the "suppliers" of the nation.

Never before has there been medical care across Europe for professional drivers on the road. It's really not possible to simply drive to a strange town with the 40-tonner to be treated for everyday complaints (headache, toothache, upset stomach, etc.). It was also absolutely necessary to create a reliable infrastructure here and the organisers have succeeded very well in doing just that with the help of many skilled doctors.

Maintaining and continually expanding such an extensive and well-functioning infrastructure is a goal worth pursuing. The initiators of DocStop work voluntarily in their spare time and in doing so make a telling contribution to the active prevention of serious road traffic accidents and their consequences. The EU Commission's high goal of lowering road traffic deaths on the trans-European roads by 50% by 2010 is supported here in exemplary fashion.

I would be pleased to morally accompany and support this project in the future, too.