Jens Spahn, MdB

Health spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliametary group in the German parliament

A lot of shelves in our shops would be empty without professional drivers, because only they make it possible for the goods that we need every day to get from A to B. So it's all the more important that road traffic accidents caused by poor health are reduced.

The DocStop e.V. initiative is a great example of how the medical care of professional drivers can be improved.People who have no regulated working hours should not have to do without medical care. It's important to us that the total medical care also reaches the places where the individual cannot make use of the care at core times due to individual framework conditions.

DocStop is not only a good institution for guaranteeing medical care – preventive medical examinations for professional drivers can also be ensured.

I wish DocStop e.V. all the best and God's blessings.