Reinhold Sendker, MdB

Deputy chairman of the Transport and Digital Infrastructure Committee in the German parliament


The truck driver's job is one of the most stressful in our society. The drivers are "always on the move" in the truest sense of the words, far away from home and family, with irregular working hours and high deadline pressures. At the same time, they have to concentrate highly at all times of the day. Physical fitness and health play an absolutely superordinate role here.

Therefore I'm pleased to support the DocStop initiative, which actively campaigns for the health of the drivers on our roads. DocStop offers an outstanding service, from finding a doctor to assigning a parking place and transferring to the doctor. They are thus making an important contribution towards making the job of the long-distance lorry driver more attractive and pleasant and are doing a lot for safety on our roads. After all, we all benefit from the work of the drivers every day.

I wish the initiative continued success and the necessary creativity for the further implementation of this exemplary campaign to increase road safety in Europe. I would be pleased to offer my full support in the future, too.