Dr. Nils Schmid, MdL, former Minister of Financial and Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg

Roads are still the most important lifelines of our national economy. Many people use the roads as part of their job, for example professional drivers. They accept a great deal of responsibility, are subject to deadline pressure and must cope with the prevailing traffic conditions. There is often little time left to look after their own health. This is particularly difficult on tour. However, only healthy drivers can fulfil their responsible task safely and reliably on our roads.

I'm pleased for every employee in the transport business that DocStop has dedicated itself to their health care. DocStop e.V. provides simple and uncomplicated access to emergency medical care to the many domestic and foreign professional drivers who drive on our roads every day. With this dedication to the health of the drivers, their working conditions are improved and a considerable contribution is made towards greater road safety.

Baden-Württemberg became a partner of the initiative DocStop für Europäer e.V. at an early stage - the first German federal state to do so. As a representative of the state government it's my pleasure to support the ideas and activities of DocStop. The current DocStop partners in Baden-Württemberg are easy to find via an interactive map with contact data on the logistics portal of my institute (www.logistik-bw.de).

Road safety concerns us all. Every one of us is a road user. Safety in road traffic cannot be the concern of politicians alone. It is the concern of society as a whole. For that reason I consider the DocStop initiative to be exemplary and caring. "Successful because it's humane". In keeping with this motto I wish the DocStop initiative continued success in implementing its goals – not just in Baden-Württemberg and Germany, but throughout Europe.