Dr. Peter Ramsauer, MdB, former German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Goods transport and logistics make a major contribution to prosperity, growth and employment in Germany. Therefore, the securing of our transport infrastructure at the highest level is one of the most important tasks in transport politics. However, it's just as important that mobility on our roads is safe. We must make ourselves aware that it is people who are responsible for the transport of goods. Professional drivers in particular are often exposed to great stress in their job. Our goal, therefore, is to make their working conditions as good as possible. These include legal framework conditions, e.g. with regard to the legally prescribed rest periods, or the provision of an adequate infrastructure, e.g. truck parking spaces.

Government measures alone are not sufficient to improve safety on our roads, however. We also need the commitment of companies and citizens. An outstanding example of this is the DocStop initiative, which campaigns for better medical care for professional drivers. On account of their special work situation it is often difficult for professional drivers to visit a doctor in time. DocStop can help here with a system for medical care on the road.

I support the aims of the DocStop initiative and wish everyone involved every success.

They are making a contribution towards making our roads safer.