Ernst Pfister, MdL, former Minister of Economic Affairs for Baden Württemberg

Export locations such as the state of Baden-Württemberg without a functioning logistics sector would be unthinkable. This in turn necessitates qualified and healthy employees. I am thinking here in particular of the many professional drivers who are out on the road day after day. They bear a great deal of responsibility in their job and are confronted by deadline pressures and, all too often, unfavourable traffic conditions. There is often little time left to look after their own health. That is particularly difficult for foreign drivers. For that reason I consider the DocStop e.V. initiative to be exemplary. It focuses on those people who are the backbone of our economy and who make its performance possible at all. When we do something for the health of the drivers, then that not only contributes towards an improvement in their working conditions, but also towards an increase in road safety – and that benefits all road users as well as our economy. DocStop e.V. provides simple and uncomplicated access to emergency medical care to the many domestic and foreign professional drivers who drive on our roads every day.

We all benefit from the work of the drivers who take our products to our customers all over Europe or to the ports for overseas shipment, who supply our industry with materials and ensure that we all have those things that we need every day. For that reason we have set up an interactive map on our logistics portal,, which shows all DocStop points of call in the state of Baden-Württemberg together with address and contact data.

I wish the DocStop initiative as well as its partners and backers continued success with its exemplary campaign to improve working conditions for professional drivers and to improve road safety in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and throughout Europe.