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How DocStop works

  1. A sick driver needs medical assistance.
  2. He calls the DocStop Hotline on 00800 03627 867.
  3. Hotline personnel give him the name of a DocStop port of call and the telephone no. of a doctor's surgery or a hospital. The necessary parking spaces are available at many ports of call. Service personnel assist the driver in finding a doctor in the region.
  4. Prompt treatment by the doctor. Membership of DocStop is not necessary.
  5. The driver is able to work again and ready to drive on.

We support DocStop

Wir unterstützen DocStop

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DocStop, the medical care for professional drivers on the road, was founded in spring 2007. More than 700 doctors, clinics and hospitals across Germany are available to bus and truck drivers for fast outpatient assistance.

DocStop Journal 2015

Everything about DocStop activities in 2015, about goals and demands, DocStop in Europe and much more on 20 pages (German only). read more...

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