Online petition for DocStop signage on motorways

DocStop, the initiative for the medical care of professional drivers, has launched an online petition to obtain approval for DocStop indications on motorway signposts for service stations and truck stops. The signposting is intended to draw the attention of professional drivers from afar to the possibility of medical assistance.

Ladbergen, 06 June 2016. Rainer Bernickel does not let go. For several years now, the initiator and deputy chairman of the DocStop for Europeans association has been talking to the German Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal expert committees to obtain approval for a DocStop reference on motorway signposts to service stations and truck stops. So far only with moderate success. "The responsible persons are very much in favor of our proposal, but there have been no specific measures so far," explains Rainer Bernickel. "For me, it is not comprehensible that fast-food and coffee chains are allowed to advertise on motorway signs, but a reference to a medical point is not to be allowed."

Now DocStop wants to increase the pressure on the Federal Ministry of Transportation responsible for motorway signing and calls for support in an online petition. In the petition, the signatories call on the Federal Minister of Transport to authorize the attachment of signs for DocStop points on motorway warning signs in front of service stations and trcuk stops. "These indications in symbol form are internationally understandable and therefore understandable for all drivers of any nationality," emphasizes DocStop chairman Joachim Fehrenkötter. "Drivers who continue to drive in the event of a disease or mis-medication are a danger to traffic safety. It is therefore important that drivers in the event of a disease quickly find a doctor and that they can be informed about the possibility of medical assistance at an early stage. We therefore ask not only professional drivers, transporters and associations for their signature but all road users. "

The online petition can be found on the DocStop homepage at or at!czsmn. For a virtual signature, the signer simply needs to specify his / her e-mail address and location. The signature may be made either by attribution or anonymously.
Today, the Docstop network comprises more than 700 clinics, doctors and other points of contact throughout Germany. DocStop enables professional drivers to use their truck or bus to find a parking lot within easy reach and to be treated without waiting for long waiting times. This is not about medical emergencies, but about everyday impairments, such as flu, headache, tooth or back pain, for which one would usually visit the family doctor. However, this is usually not possible for professional drivers on the road.

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