Duvenbeck Group supports DocStop

The Duvenbeck Group is a new DocStop sponsor and top partner. Thomas Duvenbeck, managing partner of the international full-service logistics service provider, handed over a donation of 10,000 euros to the DocStop Executive Board at the end of April.

Foto (from left to right): Dirk Poster (Driver trainer), Thomas Duvenbeck (Managing Partner), Bernd Reining (Head of Fleet Management), Joachim Fehrenkötter (DocStop Chairman), Hans-Peter Borchardt (Fleet Manager), Pia Duvenbeck (Head of Marketing/Corporate Communicatiosn), Rainer Bernickel (DocStop Initiator)

With a donation of € 10,000, the full-service logistics service provider Duvenbeck supports DocStop für Europäer e.V., which is committed to the improvement of medical care for the professional driver. Thomas Duvenbeck, Managing Director of the Duvenbeck Group: "Our company employs a large number of truck drivers from different nations and we know how difficult it is to find medical care while on the road. We therefore see it as our commitment to support DocStop. And we are happy to do that. "

DocStop chairman Joachim Fehrenkötter and DocStop initiator Rainer Bernickel accepted the donation at the end of April at a visit to the Duvenbeck company center in Bocholt. "The support of companies from the industry, such as the Duvenbeck Group, is enormously important for our work," emphasized Joachim Fehrkötter at the check-out. "We not only get the necessary means to expand the European DocStop network with contact points and doctors, we also achieve a high level of information among the drivers." Duvenbeck will provide its own information brochure to all its drivers via DocStop and the possibility to get medical care at DocStop points in Europe.

The Duvenbeck group, headquartered in Bocholt with more than 35 locations in 8 European countries, is one of the leading full-service logistics service providers for the automotive, beverage and plastics industries as well as for the agricultural vehicle industry. The company employs more than 5,100 people across Europe.

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