EO DEKRA supports DocStop for another five years

The worldwide expert organization DEKRA will support the DocStop initiative over the next five years with a total of 150,000 euros. This was announced by Stefan Kölbl, CEO of DEKRA, in Stuttgart. DEKRA is thus promoting the voluntary work of DocStop to build a Europe-wide network for the medical care of professional drivers.

Stefan Kölbl, Vorstandsvorsitzender von DEKRA (2. von links), und DEKRA Vorstandsmitglied Jörg Mannsperger (links) geben im Beisein des DocStop-Vorsitzenden Joachim Fehrenkötter und der Moderatorin Barbara Hahlweg die Fortführung der Partnerschaft mit DocStop bekannt.

Ladbergen/Stuttgart, 25 November 2015. DEKRA will support the DocStop initiative over the next five years with a total of EUR 150,000. DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl: "Traffic safety and safety at work are the core themes of our work at DEKRA. This is exactly what the initiative DocStop is all about: easy access to medical care for all professional drivers across Europe reduces the risk of accidents and improves safety for all road users. The idea of ​​DocStop and the voluntary work of the initiators to build a network of doctors and contact points deserves all our recognition and support. "

At the announcement of the funding measure in Stuttgart, the DocStop chairman Joachim Fehrenkötter underlined how important DocStop's support is: "Without the corresponding financial resources, neither the expansion of the network nor the announcement of the DocStop service among the drivers would be possible. However, both are necessary to ensure a sustainable use of the DocStop idea. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to DEKRA for this generous and multi-year funding. "

DocStop will use DEKRA's funding especially for the further expansion of its network in Europe. "In Germany, we now have more than 700 doctors and contact points who have joined the DocStop network," explains Joachim Fehrenkötter. "There are already DocStop initiatives in Austria, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands as well, and in other countries, such as the Czech Republic and France, we have held talks with interested organizers and associations. The expansion of the DocStop network throughout Europe and a high degree of recognition in the target group of drivers are our most important tasks for the coming years. "

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