Dr. Bernard Krone

Every employee can visit a doctor immediately when he or she is ill. This right should also apply to drivers, but in the normal case they can't simply drop by the doctor's surgery with their vehicle. Making the public aware of this problem was the first, tremendously important step. The fact that the DocStop initiators have succeeded in the shortest space of time in involving more than 200 doctors, clinics and hospitals in the project "Medical care for drivers on the road" speaks for itself.

Krone has supported the initiative since its inception – in word and deed as well as financially, because such a project cannot and must not be borne by volunteers. So it's all the more pleasing to me that DocStop is becoming better known by the day, because one can't stress the responsibility of the drivers often enough. In this spirit I should like to thank the initiators and wish them continued success in really getting the "DocStop" ball rolling at political level too, because there's no question in my mind that responsibility for this topic has to be taken at political level also.